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It appears Mother Nature has finally had enough of that sad gray blanket that has covered the ground ever since... it seems like last November! Our crews are excited to get back into the swing of things and will be heading out in the next couple of weeks to begin cleaning up your garden. Spring bulbs will be starting to emerge, and depending on the weather, will slowly or quickly bring life and color to your landscape.

If you want to add additional color to your garden, consider spring annuals in your decorative containers or beds. Some of our favorites are pansies, stock and violas. If you pre-plan and have an idea for your summer container rotation, you may want to think about annuals like angelonia, Algerian ivy and lysimachia that can remain in the containers through the summer when other spring flowers are removed.

American Gardens, Inc. Elmhurst, IL  American Gardens Inc. Elmhurst IL

We can also help with your summer annual rotations whether they are in containers or in planting beds. We can create a theme based on a favorite color or perhaps you have a graduation, wedding or other event that is coming up.

    American Gardens, Inc. Elmhurst, IL 
American Gardens, Inc. Elmhurst, IL  American Gardens, Inc. Elmhurst, IL

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